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Saturday, June 2

i am currently listening to a live broadcast from north carolina. the young mayer boy. yippee, makes my head feel better. :)

drugs are very interesting. my head's been all woozy and i've been sleepy. but i spoke to my mother for awhile, which woke me up. they saw collin yesterday, the bastard had been at smc looking to see who was around. i cannot believe i missed the bastard!
talk about adjustment...monique just gets home from nepal, and now all the royal family is dead...

my head's all fuzzy. drugs are good.

"have you ever had the feeling that it's not in your hands? i mean, do you ever just know you've got something to do and you have no control over it? all i know is i've got to do something. i don't know exactly what it is yet. but when the times comes, i'll know. i've got to keep trying until i hit the right thing. see what i mean?"

sound at all familiar?

i still feel wretched. my head is swimming, but becca and i went to the umall and i was able to make some important purchases.
--orange juice (vitamin c)
--COLD MEDICINE (i have never been so happy to swallow pills in my life)
--a copy of "boulevard of broken dreams: the life, times, and legend of james dean"--i feel i deserve it because i feel so lousy.

michelle is getting the tickets for the matchup of the century (johnmayerjonmayerjohnmayer and howiedayhowiedayhowieday) . rock.

Friday, June 1

i never thought this would happen.
having spoken to (or heard about) the artists involved, i had dreamt about such a lineup for a show, but never, EVER thought it would happen.
when i go to the paradise on june 18, two days after the experience of a dave matthews concert, i will be seeing howie day, who is opening for john mayer.
the sex appeal on stage that night will be enough to give anyone an instant orgasm. ;)
i cannot believe it, i'm thrilled, and i'm getting tickets tomorrow. holy shit.
oh yeah, and i'm sure as hell bringing my camera.

my head aches.

fucking lars. first the rediscovery of my james dean infatuation, and now i'm hooked on gurney. "the perfect party" was good--it was hilarious for me to try to sit in the library and not laugh as i read lars' scene and hear how he performed it in my mind--but i adore "love letters". i'd heard about it before (i'm thinking they performed it at the playhouse a few years back, i'm not sure), but i'd never read it. i almost cried just reading it. i would love to play melissa. i want to play melissa.

i'm not certain of exactly why, but i found myself exceptionally excited to find the collected plays of a.r. gurney. namely "the perfect party". i know, i am truly pathetic, but at actf regionals, lars performed a scene from it, and ever since, i've been interested in reading the rest of the play. i remember sitting in the performance room with michelle, our jaws dropping at the lines that were coming out of his mouth and my blushing like an idiot. so now i get to read the entire thing. yay...
went to friendly's for some ice cream with danelle and her friend from home, chad, this afternoon. now i am riding the sugar buzz that comes with a capuccino dream sundae and wishing that i did not have this wretched cold. i just want to be that so much to ask?

Thursday, May 31

profile saga continues. i had to update this one girl's profile (which is fun because she's leaving the country tomorrow for ages--why do i even have to recreate???), and i found that after eric booted her off (she'd been online for 8+ days), i got to deal with (in this order) 1) account locked out 2) account expired 3) roaming profile errors. and i've done everything in my capability to figure it out. i've asked jim. i've asked eric. i've asked andy (which is ineffectivve because he's never recreated an account in his life, but i was desperate). no one knows why this isn't working. and i'm frustrated.
so ultimately, i did what any lower-level worker would do within an organization. i put it in the database, directed it to my supervisors, and hope they can figure it out. i've been tearing my hair out for almost two overs over a process that generally takes 5-10 minutes. no more.

I CANNOT BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

i never want to recreate a profile for the network again. people are stupid. i had to recreate 5 or 6 accounts yesterday, and they were all fucking up because of user error and trying to make me look bad. now mary jane russell has sent an email to the employee mailing list complaining that when user support (me) recreated her profile yesterday, they (me) deleted a large portion of her emails. dear, profile recreates do not touch emails. we set the personal address book, i set personal folders if there are any, but email? don't come close. and before this email was sent out, she really should have found out who recreated the profile. i would have been thrilled to talk to her and tell her that she must have fucked up. aurgh.
in better news, i finally made myself a sign for when i'm on reception. i found a charicature of cameron diaz riding on a star, and while i don't look like cameron diaz, i went with it. added a "hi, my name is vickie, how can i help you?" and i was all set.
it's going to be another long day. hopefully i won't lose my voice, which is beginning to get a husky quality to it today. on second thought, i lose my voice, i can't talk to people, people can't bitch at me...

yes it's true i am a hopeless romantic
and i am full of pretty lines
it's also true what you've heard about me
i fall in love every time
so would you let me down easy
if i am not what you want
would you let me down easy
i've got a really weak heart

melissa ferrick was amazing. i want to play guitar. i want to be able to sing. i want to sing and play guitar. she was great. i bought valentine heartache. i'll describe more tomorrow while i'm at work, i need to climb into bed and read east of eden, as i'm getting close to the end.
but she played drive...after which danelle gave the quote of the night: "i predict 3/4 of the audience will have sex immediately when they get home." drive is such a good song.

Wednesday, May 30


ernie ran off yesterday, but he's back. i'm very happy for jen. :)
i've been going to the gym recently, and i've discovered rowing--love love love it. i would have loved to have been on a crew team. granted i'm not very good at it yet, but i'm getting better. and i'm impressed with the fact that i've been going--it sucks to drag my butt there, but i love how i feel when i get out. i'm determined to be buff this summer.
going to higher ground tonight to see melissa ferrick with danelle. i love it when random concert plans pop up the day of the show--so fun. i probably should be saving my money, but it's only $10, and i'm rewarding myself with money normally spent on...other things.
east of eden is a brilliant book. read it. love it. read it.

Tuesday, May 29

a connection has been made between my 10-year-old self and my 20-year-old self. just for laughs, i submitted a question to e!online for joe mcintyre (i'm sorry, joey mac--haha). i can now say that correspondence has occurred between my former favorite new kid on the block and myself. i am currently laughing my ass off (or at least trying to contain myself--bright red face as i snicker at work). check it out here (go to the bottom, last question is mine)
i found out that k.c. and margot both got the runner-up spots for the o'neil. 2/3 of the room represented, kind of stung, but i'm still glad i'm not going. not worth it this year. but i'll definitely admit that it hurt to see it was my girls that got the spots. but the thing is that they're both older--both around 26. experience helps writers. age helps writers. i'll be good.

i dread coming into work and having to report to rick. because i know that means i'll be forced to roam the halls of academic buildings, taking stupid inventory.
but i swung by mccarthy to do some there and took some of the pamphlets for the playhouse, because i'm in it. santini brothers!!!! my memorable debut on the professional stage...whoohaha...
i'm trying to figure out a way to get in touch with kenny kimmins--i worked with him last summer--he was in barefoot and i was a santini (in case you didn't get that), and he was supposed to be back this summer for little shop and spinning into butter, but he's being selfish and spending a year playing the mayor in "the music man". bastard. ;) in case the name doesn't ring a bell, he's best known for his role as the a.d. on "coach". anyway, my father is a big fan of his, and kenny was sweet enough to meet both of my folks after one of the performances. and i want to get down to the city, see the show, and hopefully meet up with him after, because i was looking forward to seeing him and giving him a big hug this summer, so hopefully i can at least do so in new york. backstage for broadway...hmm...
back to work.

Monday, May 28

i'm baaaaack...riverrave was a jolly good time.
i am rather impressed--for the most part--with the manner in which the concert was set up. there were two stages--the "stadium" stage and the pit stage out by the halfpipe. i only stopped by the pit stage for eve 6--the rest of the time, i was at the stadium stage.
coming from my warped tour experience, i'm used to a different sort of stage setup. but the stadium stage rotated so that, in theory, there was only two minutes in between performances.
quick rundown of performances i saw:
- american hi-fi: only saw the end of their act. "flavor of the week" was cute, and the rest of the set i saw was pretty decent. fun boys.
- coldplay: i had been waiting, WAITING to see coldplay forever. unfortunately, there were three factors playing against coldplay. 1) outdoor venue 2) large crowd 3) no one knew who the hell they were. i need to see coldplay at a small venue such as paradise. i walked out of their set after i heard "yellow". i never thought that would be possible. but i bought an overly expensive coldplay tshirt that i'm rather fond of, so i'm happy.
- dropkick murphys: i love these guys, partly because they've been so good to my brother (he's got a 'thank you' in their latest albulm), but also because they have fun. lots and lots of fun. it's the third time i've seen them, i believe, and i'll be happy to see more. tom would have been proud to see me singing 'barroom hero'.
- lifehouse: i was exhausted, so i just sat there and was fun, the lead singer is incredibly hot, but i didn't go crazy. but it was fun.
- sevendust: i have seen them three times now. warped, woodstock, now. words cannot describe how much i love the band. i'm in my...phase of music right now, but i love them. they performed 'angels' son'. very cool.
- everlast: saw the first song. i liked. but had to go see eve 6.
- eve 6: the highlight of the day. got to about the fifth row, then got the shit kicked out of me, so moved out back a bit. thought of jesse when they played "here's to the night". played everything i wanted except 'open road song'. love lead singer. they got cut short.
- meeting eve 6: nice boys. still love lead singer. got autographs. found out (courtesy of michelle) that they were going to play 'o.r.s.' before they got cut. GRRRRRRRR
- green day: YAHOOOO!!!! loved it loved it loved it. new appreciation, am now a fan.
- live: want to make sweet love down by the fire to ed. he has hair now, which is odd. but he oozes sex appeal. i rocked out.
- black crowes: not bad, interested in checking out their music more. was more concerned with the fact that i was probably in the same arena as my favorite actress (kate hudson) than the music. i'm so celebrity-crazed sometimes.
- aerosmith: will not comment at the moment because i'm still in shock. horribly disappointed.

last night went to see 'bridget jones' diary' with michelle at loew's at liberty tree mall. adored it. loved it. will obsess soon, trust me.