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Friday, December 15

today has been a beautiful day. for the first time in ages, i accomplished next to nothing. i focused on getting my energy back. :-)
guitar's been restringed, so i'm working on learning to play it.
watched movies. "down to you" (so cute) and "gladiator" (impressive).
slept. ah...
bought the coldplay CD. love it. buy it.
went christmas shopping.
enjoyed myself.
i love break.

i'm home.
i'm already playing with the guitar. it's a 3/4 scale guitar. eventually, as i get better, i want a big one.
it feels good to be home.

Thursday, December 14

alright. i've studied for brit lit, at this point, i don't care how i do, i just want to go home. i must clean my room and take apart my computer have a great break and i'll be back on blogger real soon! rock on.

boy oh boy, it's got to SUCK to be so close to being the almighty empress of uno and then LOSE IT ALL to the ruler...that being me. oh wow, do i feel bad or what?
i finished my paper...whoohoo...
and now i'm enjoying my last night of sleep in my own bed. break tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 13

listening to the prague symphony orchestra perform "the end"'s amazing. if you are a doors fan, you must check it out.

i get to go home tomorrow...lalalalalala...
it's been a very random couple of weeks. particularly the last week or so. people are getting ready to leave, things are ending, i'm in improv withdrawal...lots of fun stuff. riiight.
i think just about everyone needs break about now. things are getting kinda crazy, people are getting a little stressed, everyone's been here a bit too long. plus now there's no theatre stuff going on, so what's the point in being here? kidding...kinda...
michelle's plans for the murder mystery dinner are looking good. :-)
now, since i'm at work and adam rules, i'm going to listen to the doors concerto. ROCK!! if anyone wishes to be wonderful and get victoria the best present ever...

oh, rhe, joey, and i wrote chris edwards last night filling him in on the lowdown for each of us. i miss that loser. he should write back so i get the scoop on life back in nyc.

i was more than a little apprehensive about my theatre final this morning. well, actually, i really didn't care enough to study, but around 3 this morning, i got a little nervous that i wouldn't do so well.
got to the exam 5 minutes late. great start, eh?
i don't know why on earth i was worried. i was done by 10:30. i even nailed the quotes, which is amazing considering i only read half the plays we were supposed to read this semester.

rheannon, i'm going to fucking miss you!
had a great night tonight...made my illustrious (RIIIIIIIIGHT) onstage, then ordered lots of food and chilled with rheannon and michelle...i swear i haven't laughed that hard in awhile now. SHE KNEW THE SHOCKER!!!!!!! and my quote collection got a few new gems!
washington is lucky to have her back...but we're going to miss her here lots. but who knows? maybe we'll get to see her again soon, i certainly hope so. LOVE YA GIRL!!!! "gonna be a cowgirl baby..."
love to rhe from big v :-)

Tuesday, December 12

at times like this, i almost wish i had a normal sleep schedule again.
damn vampire hours.
i'm going to try to sleep now. doubt it'll work, but i'll give it a shot.

rheannon leaves for washington wednesday morning. and she's not coming back. she'd gotten to be one of my girls this semester, and now she's leaving...she came up to me tonight during tech and gave me a big hug and told me she was going to miss me, and it finally clicked that she's going away, and that i am going to miss her so much.
everyone's going away.
first graduation people. eric, tony.
then collin getting ready for ireland. and emilee, and monique, and chris, i think.
now rheannon.
i don't want people to leave, it's then that i realize how much they mean to me.

Monday, December 11

i will miss my acting class.
i will not miss my vis comm class.
i got four hours of sleep last night, so i'm kind of tired today, but at the same time, i'm really not.
i'm working. but it's boring today. so now i'm just playing around and writing random shit. in case you can't tell.

deep thoughts from joey--people listen to marvin gaye while they're shagging, but what would marvin gaye have listened to? himself?

i don't understand people at all right now. i try to, i do everything i can to, but i just can't! it's beyond me, and it frustrates me that i can't see what must be pretty obvious, because i just don't get it and i'm looking everywhere.
things should be simple. things are as they are. and it's not that way because people make it more difficult when they don't need to. and i don't understand why they do it and why i'm left trying to figure it out afterwards.
i need to get away from this school for a bit. everything's weird. or maybe 99% of the student body should get away from this school for a bit, leaving myself and my friends. that would work too.
it'll be better after break. and break will be fun. PMB concert, visiting with cortni, guitar, and who knows? i'm going to try to get in touch with andrew. that would be cool. rock.

Sunday, December 10

alright, i enjoy this school immensely. i will never say that i don't, although i have my share of experiences where i get frustrated and pissed off. and i join in just as much as anyone with the "this school sucks" comments, because it does, at times. but so does any other school.
but the fact remains that at this moment in time, the lack of common sense at this institution is ridiculous. people are hired for positions for a reason--TO ACTUALLY FUCKING DO THEM. and yet, with this heirarchy of positions, supervisors, and heads, blatantly obvious violations of policy and code go right through their hands like water, leaving people who are paying thousands of dollars to attend this school completely fucked and helpless. BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE FUCKING DOING SOMETHING AREN'T. and i see this, but i'm not in the position to be able to do anything, so then that pisses me off because i hate feeling helpless, especially when it affects my friends, who do not deserve to be going through stupid bullshit, to the point that they can't do what they are paying major money to do. so what do they do? they can't do anything. not even what they're supposed to be doing anyway. and what can i do? i can commiserate with said friends, i can get pissed off, but it's not my place to do anything more, so i'm left fucking pissed off and without a way to vent.
so i instead turn over my frustrations to all of you (well, to whoever the hell visits here, i don't know who does). BECAUSE I CAN'T FUCKING DO ANYTHING ELSE. it's bullshit! and there are no explanations in the world that can justify this type of behavior. no, not this type of behavior, this complete and utter LACK of behavior. and these people will still get paid their salaries and go back to their lives, leaving my friends shafted. it's not right, it's not deserved, and it's unacceptable. and i don't know what i can do, but i really want to do something, because these people should NOT be in their positions, they should not have any positions at this school. i'm not going to be expected to pay $26,000 a year to get competely ignored by stupid moronic people with their heads up their asses.

ps. tequila is GOOD.

i had a really really fun time at the dance tonight. danced with a bunch of happening guys (timme, ben, and chris top the list) and had an evening of general amusement. and CORTNI IS HERE!!!!!!! i haven't had this much fun at a dance in a good long while. :-)
now i sleep.