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Saturday, February 24

home sweet home.
i slept for 13.5 hours last night. well, last night, this morning, and part of this afternoon. it felt nice. :-)
i've done nothing all day. and we got chinese.
and i got to talk to lars last night on the phone before i came home.
twas a good 24 hours.

Friday, February 23

i'm at work right now...but know where i WANT to be? back at my house, watching "rebel without a cause" after having rented it at blockbuster, working on my meditation for kirk's class while packing up all of my stuff. also after having flogged the blockbuster people brutally because i tried buying a copy of "high fidelity" (yeah belle and sebastian reference!), and in the video sleeve there was a copy of "the hurricane". i will not keep this video. they will give me my john cusak or else--or else maybe i'll just have to keep my copy of "rebel". bastards.
speaking of "rebel", michelle put up her james dean poster last night. such a beautiful poster. i could stare at it for hours. james dean is (was) so beautiful. the quote of the night was, "how could one--ok, two--people so beautiful have existed on this planet? he--they--wow. so beautiful..."
i go home this evening. THANK GOD I SURVIVED!!!!!! yeah, it's been a stressful couple weeks...

Dear Victoria,
Please accept my warmest congratulations on winning the Region I Critics' Workshop scholarship at the American College Theatre Festival held late last month. This is truly a wonderful individual achievement and reflects your hard work in the journalism and theatre departments here at Saint Michael's. Besides the scholarship, you have earned the opportunity to compete with your peers at the highest level when you go to the national festival at the Kennedy Center in April and recieve feedback from a nationally known theatre critic. I am certain you will gain much from the experience.
Again, my heartiest congratulations on this award. When you attend the national festival, I know you will take with you the best wishes of everyone at the College. Good luck!
Marc A. vanderHeyden

gee, a letter from good ol' marc...should i feel special? ;-) i think it would have held more of a place in my heart if el' presidente actually knew who i was. considering i tried to interview him the other day and he pretty much blew me off...but i'll frame the letter anyway as a keepsake. riiiiiiiiiiight. ;-)
but hey, i suppose the letter was a nice gesture. good PR, if you will.
am i bitter? hmm...*pondering recent college turmoil and various stupid shit that's gone on here*...not at all. hehehehehehe

Thursday, February 22

today my parents come up to give me a car so i can go home tomorrow, then i have a radio show!!!! good times.

i had a very odd day yesterday. wasn't necessarily very good at points, either, which sucked. but the guys won their last game, and it was senior night, which was sweet. i realized it was the last time during the regular season that i'd ever be able to scream at mark, brian, and todd as if i actually know them (well, ok, i know todd, but still...). but i'll be at the games over break so i can cover them for defender. so i'll still be able to see them play and win and whatnot.
it was just a really odd day, that's all. an odd day for an odd week and a half...part of me wanted to be able to talk to lars, since each time i talk to him, i wind up being more comfortable and relaxed when he's talking to me. but i missed him--he was online while i was watching "interview with the vampire"--and when i tried IMing him after, he'd already gone to bed. GRRRRRRR.

Wednesday, February 21

i remember back in the day when howie updated his road journal on a very regular basis. nearly every day you had another fun entry to look foreward to. yet in fine "i have a bad feeling about what's happening to him" fashion, he still hasn't updated in eons. well, ok, since the 8th, but in old howie style, that would be eons. could it be that what they're saying is true? i really hope not, because that won't get him anywhere...he had the right mindset before, but i don't think he has it now. but then again, who am i to talk? like i know howie personally or something? nope. the only thing he knows about me is that i go to st. mike's and i was at the paradise show. and that i wanted to conduct an interview at the pickelbarrel, but he was too cool. i think if he actually came back to smc, that would make it easier--like he hasn't completely forgotten his roots. not that smc is his homebase, but still...i don't know. i'm just kinda upset about his apparent diva-style transformation.

Hey students- I know you are counting down the days until spring break, but I did want you to know that today (Wednesday) might be your last chance to catch your men's and women's hoops teams in action for their final regular season game this year - the teams host Saint Rose - the women play at 5:30 followed by the men at 7:30 - the men come in with a record of 22-3, ranked 10th in the nation, and clinched the NE-10 conference championship this past Monday. Here's a preview of what you will see:
10. With Spring Break coming up next week, this will be your last chance to see Todd Roberts' Michael Jordan-esque slam dunks.
9. Jared Chandler will be sharing his favorite poems from his Literature class at halftime (milk and cookies will be provided).
8. Justin "Rip Van' Tardio will provide pillows to the first 50 students just in case you need a nap while watching the game (it happens to the best of us).
7. Brian Miles will be grilling some squirrels that he got hunting during the pre-game tailgater - he says that they really go well with
your favorite Alliott leftovers.
6. Father Brian Cummings and the Fun Police will make sure that you do not disturb anyone over on North Campus trying to study by being too loud - you will sit quietly and behave throughout the game.
5. Adam Johnson will be holding a date auction during the first timeout - opening bids for a date with him start at $10 (hopefully his
loving mom will be there to make sure there is at least an opening bid).
4. Delbert Randall will be signing autographs of the poster he is pictured on from this past Monday's game against Pace - all I can tell you is it's a pretty nasty dunk (and he may not necessarily be the dunker).
3. Ben Smith will be modeling the latest fashions from the Spring LL Bean catalog - he is also offering a free trip to Europe on his father's tug - you should get over there by next March.
2. Tunde Adekola is grateful for all of the TLC he has received for his injured knee over the past few weeks and is looking forward to
'gettin' hyped, yo' and raising the energy level in Ross.
1. Mark Pater has invited the whole campus over to his townhouse in the 200's after the game to help him study for his Library class's (Research in the Electronic Environment) midterm - it promises to be a grueling study session.

so tempted to go over to pater's just to be a wiseass...but it will definitely be an awesome game. :-)

Tuesday, February 20

great. now i feel like a bitch of a bitch. but facts are facts, it was late. and no matter what, he should have fucking called.
oh! i had such a good meeting for murder mystery. i think mark and i are going to work well together as husband and wife. he's a big ol' teddy bear and he rules. i'm having fun.
i love theatre!!!! (and i hate the stupid ridiculous idiotic moronic head-up-their-asses student association for giving the drama club no money in realocation. that's bullshit and i am downright pissed off.

poetry tonight in mccarthy. it was incredible. i feel creative, want to do stuff, want to write, want to play guitar, want to do something to get out this creativity into some sort of conducive medium.
but instead i must study for a goddamn test.

i think, i just might be done. unless i get a call with ideas for changes, i think i'm done.
THANK GOD!!!!!!!!
go me.

Monday, February 19

as i curse johnny for screwing me over with the intramural story, send paul thought of "if looks could kill...", and prepare for hours of political agenda at the damn oversight committee meeting, i realize that it's been a really shitty day. in fact, considering that i was doing everything in my power to not burst into tears throughout the day, yeah, it's been a really shitty day.
fucking shoot me in the head already.

must sleep. but happier. random things make me happy.
especially finding out that someone else has been saying "holy schnikies" for ages too.

Sunday, February 18

feeling better. i get a phone call tonight. i'm not just feeling better because of that.
but that's nice too. :-)

of the big fucking variety.