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Friday, January 26

hi from UNH...things here are going really well. working my ass off for the critics' workshop (i'll explain when i get back to SMC), there is a james dean CLONE named lars. he's nice. bliss, i tell you...kathleen's been selected for the finals, as well as new friends from ACTF tim (mr. bagel who calls me howie) and paul. fucking rock.
ok, so now that my review's done, time to get it printed out and over to johnson by 8 so i can get my seat for cabaret...and whoo hoo, maybe after that i can EAT FOR THE FIRST TIME TODAY!!!! ;-) (when you hear about my schedule, trust me, you'll come to understand) love ya all lots...word.

Tuesday, January 23

i have had the worst start to my day this morning...i woke up at 9:55 to be at work at 10, not even counting the fact that i told rhonda i would stop by the defender lab to get the numbers of half the basketball team and a million swim team members...and i don't even know what time we're leaving for ACTF, but i still need to finish packing and hopefully have an opportunity to shower--also to get the numbers for those people like i need. yeah, today hasn't been a good day thus far. but i'm not thinking of it as a sign, i'm focusing on the fact that it can only get better...and with the group we've got going and the experiences that are going to be shared this week, it'll get a lot better.

Monday, January 22

i am far too addicted to everlasting gobstoppers. (check out the site, it's fun, especially for a "charlie and the chocolate factory" fan)

alright, so ACTF is looking really good (literally, heehee!). i think it'll be a great group--i am very excited about it. plus a near week of nothing but theatre? bliss.
howie day needs to update his road journal.
wishing a very enjoyable evening to those lucky souls who are making it to CBGB's tonight...especially nice people who IM me. :-)

Sunday, January 21

son of a bitch.
howie played "africa" (like the whole thing this time), and "only the good die young"
son of a bitch.
at least he didn't play "babylon", then i would have cried. well, i would have been sad. a little.

played outside in the snow for the first time this winter. all of us against dave. hehehehe.
the guys in the one of the houses across from us have decided that they want to run outside and leap into the snow. some fully clothed, some not so fully clothed. it makes for an entertaining sight, anyway...but the speedo/bikini briefs guy gets props for having the balls to bare that much.
i'm working on my todd roberts story...called todd's coach from high school and then tom haley for information about before st. mike's time for todd...they were wonderful to talk to, i couldn't believe tom haley remembered me..."last time i talked to you was out at the snack bar window at morgan's before you headed up there for the first time.." hell, i didn't even remember that. they want copies of the story when it comes out. like i needed more pressure...kidding. i don't care, there will already be well over a thousand reading anyway. ok, i don't need to keep telling myself that one...
alright, so now i drag my ass over to st. ed's so i can print out my webcam shots...i had to do a sequence of something for tv news reporting, so mine is the process of practicing/learning/butchering the guitar...complete with the photo of me tempted to smash the guitar to bits.