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Friday, May 25

"and mixed with these were splashes of california poppies. these too are of a burning color--not orange, not gold, but if pure gold were liquid and could raise a cream, that golden cream might be like the color of the poppies."

i took out "east of eden" today. the book, not the film.
rock. :)

bed. beds are nice.
watched 'boogie nights' with christopher and michelle. drank a little. got tired.
the quote of the night comes from collin bright (look, a poem!)
"we're like mexico to canadians. those canadians, they're a shifty bunch. don'tcha know."

Thursday, May 24

michelle hurts too.

ow. i hurt.
the gym is gooooooood.

i am at the library for my second day behind the circ desk.
they have snood installed on this computer.
my supervisor is right behind me.
this is going to be a battle of willpower.
my week has been progressing nicely, but i have a coworker who rather frightens me. and i really really want him to stop talking to me.

had an interesting conversation with rick about the jeffords thing. old vermont meet new vermont, i suppose. i figure, hey, i don't elect him cause he's a republican, i elect him cause he's jeffords and i like the way he thinks. rick thinks the whole thing is "bullshit"--as a fifth generation vermonter, he's shocked that jeffords would go back on his word, his party, and show himself to be disloyal. a traitor.
food for thought. but i'm happy jim made the switch. :)
TAKE THAT DUBYA! whoohahah

i appreciate what kennicott is trying to do here, but he makes us all sound like we recline around, smoking from a corncob pipe, and answering any questions with "aayup."
i think he doesn't give us the credit we's not like it's a different world in vermont or anything.
but i do love the reference to bernie: it's lone representative, bernie sanders, actually wears the label "socialist," and has never been shot in a state that loves hunting.

it's rather humorous...i'm posting like there's no tomorrow, but no one can read it. HA! grrrrr. well, when blogspot finally works...welcome back. :)
i helped christopher move some heavy things from his car to his room. what can i say, i'm a sweetheart. it's always odd with him...if i knew as a freshman what i know now as a (dare i say it?0 senior...but hey, that freshman/early sophomore mentality helped give me incentive for becoming involved with theatre. so if anything, i should be happy--thrilled!--that i was in awe of him.
i find that fact so funny now that we're friends, recalling the freshman barbeque when i saw him from accross the quad and was too intimidated to even think smile at him, let alone strike up a conversation or at least say hello. but i can still remember feeling that way...the feeling in the pit of my stomach that i wanted to know this person--i NEEDED to know this person. and sitting in mccarthy (back in my 'sitting in the audience because backstage was a world away' stage) and watching him performing and just being blown away.
i remember how it feels, but god it's funny to see how it's developed.

oh! no hdhdhd dreams last night. only one dream, isn't too vividly in my mind, but i know becca, chris leonards, and nikki were in it, and by the end of it, i was ready to kick some ass.

Wednesday, May 23

in an effort to motivate myself, i went to the gym. feeling it, but very happy.

who would have thought i'd be logged into a washington post discussion group talking about politics.
go vermont, we're famous again! actually, go jim. i'm impressed.

i know i've been posting like it's my job as of late, but suck it up and deal, dammit.
i had yet another dream last night...once again a concert, once again hdhdhd (whose hockey name is pierre la dayeau, so he'll be referred to as pierre from now on--or until i forget and call him howie). this one was more pleasant than last night's--i vividly remember a great deal of laughing--and the happiness lingered into after i awoke. i just don't get what the deal is--i haven't even listened to his music since sunday, and besides the flyer by my bed, i haven't focused my thoughts on him at all (at least while i am conscious...).
the sky has finally opened up and allowed the rain to fall--it is a cool, drizzly day, but not so cold as to make it unpleasant to walk in the rain...
i feel alright, but i'm not 100%. i don't know what it is, but i just feel rather lathargic and gross--hopefully going to the gym today will make me wake up.
back to work i go...answering phones and doing a whole lotta nothing while getting paid. fine by me...

Tuesday, May 22

i've been trying to sleep for a little while now, but i can't...even though i have work tomorrow at 8, so i should...
being here right now is nice. i like having a nice schedule--that is, one that is set. i don't have to wonder about when i'll be working. and i have time to relax and do nothing if i feel so inclined. it's nice. i have time to do whatever i want, go to shows once they get started...
it's weird to get used to, though. i feel like i still should be running all over the place. i feel like i should be coming home at midnight after putting together something and collapse into my bed to sleep for a few hours before starting the grind all over again.
i don't know if it's that i miss it or i'm just accustomed to it or what. because i like having me time. it's just so odd. i know the playhouse people are here, but i haven't seen them. which i completely understand because few people actually saw me while i was a playhouse person. i'm just so accustomed to being a part of the theatre while i'm here. and i'm not right now. and that takes getting used to.
i think i just have to realize that i'm not going to have stuff set for me--i have to find the stuff to do myself. read, work out, do whatever. i have freedom right now to do whatever i set my mind to. this is a good thing.
i'm just not used to it. what do you do when you can do anything you want?

guns don't kill people.
physics kills people.

i've been having fun with the hockey name this aftenroon. i will now refer to a certain clone as his canadian hockey name: dougie mcdrewdyk. dougie for short. loser dougie.

my hockey name: Yuri Welchov.
I LOVE IT. lol

this kaycee nicole thing is ridiculous. i cannot believe "debbie" would go to this extent. if you haven't heard about it and have some time to kill (bad choice of words), check it out. it's sick, really.

series of vivid dreams continue. our lastest episode finds our heroine dreaming about howie day (please note i dreamt about howie day about a week ago), who was performing at an outdoor venue right by (if not on) the fair smc campus (i've been having multiple dreams where i know i'm at st. mike's, but it doesn't look anything like how it normally does). there weren't too many people there, so i think he was a little pissed, but he was initially really cool towards me. but that could have been because i was doing tons of stuff for him (i remember being handed a jacket and being told to put it with his other things at the other end of a field). by the end of his set, i was the only one in the audience in front of the stage (there were bleachers behind--more about that shortly), and i saw someone i know, so i ran over behind the stage to sit there. howie was sitting at the piano playing "piano man" (what is it with me and billy joel songs lately), and for whatever reason, he was turned completely away from the front of the stage (which didn't really make much difference cause there was no one there to see him), so whenever i'd look at him, he'd look up at me, so then i'd feel bad, so i wouldn't look at him...
after the set, i was looking for him, but there were all these bees (huge ones--scary) that i was avoiding, and i couldn't find him anymore.
and i woke up.

i'll still get exec. but i'm not happy.
ISO: one big rock to curl up under.

Monday, May 21

big big big problems.
i think i'm going to have to kiss exec ed goodbye.

Each of you have been assigned responsibility for one or more labs this summer. Below is the details as well as the assignments. You should carve out some time each week for this. Please let me know if you have questions.
Vickie Welch (senior)

how odd is it to see senior by my name???

my work schedule looks decent. four hour shifts on saturdays and four hour shift friday afternoons, but other than that, decent. work seems to be good, i think i'll like it.
but i stopped by bergeron to pick up a 3M, and david asked me if i wanted to pick up some hours as the journalism work/study. he tells me about this NOW...but i can't bitch, cause he's going to try to help me so i don't have to take my practicum class until the fall, thus saving me over $900. car money...

the whole kaycee thing was a fabrication, in many respects...i discovered the whole living colours thing right after the announcement of her "passing" and was touched by the love this site, this "person" had by so many members of the internet community.
now i'm finding out how many people are furious about being duped.
when you do this type of thing, having blogs and whatnot, you forget that there's the possibility of this happening. and depending on how you look at it, it's one of the wonders and problems that it brings.
i don't know exactly what i think of it...i suppose in some respects i understand why debbie tried to do this, but in another respect...she had to know people would get hurt.

oh, yesterday was my parents' anniversary AND my brother's anniversary.
why don't I have an anniversary? i feel left out.
nonetheless, belated wishes to them (not like i forgot telling them that, just forgot posting it)

i'm back on campus...holed up in that lovely building they call ryan. the fact that i'm in a dorm should be the first indication on my thoughts on the matter. ;)
all things considered, not too bed is lofted to fit a dresser beneath it because there's not enough room, my closet door is permanently open, and i forgot a blanket, so i was shivering last night with a sheet. but the room looks cute, i have network access (becca's jack looks to be giving her problems), and i'm about to leave for my first day at user support.
right back into the grind.
it feels good to be back.

Sunday, May 20

green day will also be at river rave.
happy happy me!

i don't know what exactly has caused it, but i have had the most random series of dreams lately. i never usually remember my dreams vividly, and it's been every day for nearly a week now that i wake up and wonder what the hell brought THAT dream on.
last night's was a series of dreams--two of which linked, one of which did not. first one took place at SMC, but in a theatre location i've never worked in (perhaps my idea of hathaway--or whatever the name of the theatre on north campus was). we were working on making a video game about the theatre classes/drama club/whatever, and each theatre major had three "games" they could play. so meg decided that she wanted to have us all singing a song in a big ol' group, but we had to be dressed like peasants or hippies or something.
for some reason, i wasn't going to do it, but then laundry convinced me that i should. so we did--the worst rendition of a song ever--and it was a big old circle dance to this song. then i went up on the stage with laundry and meg and we were singing something else and dancing--while we were sober, it really seemed like we were drunk. i have no idea what that one means, but i just felt really happy to have everyone around me and be smiling--i think it was a nostalgia dream because i already miss everyone.
then i went into my "thriller" dream. a guy became a doctor in this complex. i never gave the doctor a name in my dream, even though he was the main character. and he thought he was just going to be taking care of random people who lived there. but it was actually a military base (of sorts) for these weird random alien/giant monster things. they had tentacles shooting from their heads (think a medusa type of hairdo here) and were just really rather frightening. so the guy tried to escape. but the complex was on the top of a hill with a really windy road down it and he escaped to this one snack bar or something. and the monsters knew and were coming to find him...
then we slipped into dream three. the doctor suddenly became john mayer and we were all there, and he wasn't on the run anymore, he was putting on a workshop about music for a bunch of us (both high school and college friends). so we were all joking around, every single female was trying to hit on him, and michelle and i felt pretty damn special that we already knew him. so we all talked and joked and flirted, at one point, i got a quick kiss from him (but it was really slobbery), and he performed for us. at one point, he split the group into two and led each group into a kitchen area and performed whatever they wanted. my group was second, and i asked him to play "victoria" and then someone asked him to perform "only the good die young", so he did. about halfway through the song, though, he got quieter and complained that this was a classic song and we should know it enough to sing along! so i decided to throw abandon to the wind and i jumped up and started singing along with him. so we both sang the song and everyone loved it, and i gave him a big hug, and then...
i woke up.