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Friday, February 9

> Proctor, Vt., Resident Earns Theatre Critic Award
> Saint Michael's Student wins American College Theatre Festival
> Regional Critics' Workshop Scholarship
> Victoria Welch, a junior journalism major and theatre minor at
> Saint Michael's College, went with 20 other Saint Michael's students
> to the American College Theatre Festival regional competition, Jan. 23
> - 29 at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. She planned to
> explore the festival and cheer on four of her classmates in acting
> competitions. Once there, the journalism major discovered that the
> festival sponsored a theatre critics' competition, and she decided to
> try her hand. Four days later, Welch came out the sole winner of the
> ACTF Region I Critics' Workshop scholarship.
> As winner, Welch, the daughter of Michael and Paula Welch of
> Eden Avenue in Proctor, will receive an expenses-paid scholarship to
> participate in the Critics' Workshop at the national American College
> Theatre Festival to be held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.,
> April 25 - 29. She also receives a partial scholarship to attend the
> month-long national Critic's Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre
> Center in Waterford, Conn., in July. Victory at the nationals will
> increase the Institute scholarship from partial to full.
> At the April Kennedy Center ACTF competition, Welch will write
> reviews of theatre productions mounted by colleges from around the
> country. A nationally known theatre critic will assess her reviews and
> those of the student winners from the seven other regions of the
> country.
> Hectic Review Schedule
> At the New Hampshire regionals, Welch and the other reviewers
> attended an afternoon performance and produced reviews by 8 p.m. that
> evening. They then attended an evening performance and delivered
> reviews by 8 a.m. the next morning. Over two days, they reviewed four
> shows - "The Fifth of July," "Blood Brothers," "Game Legs," an
> original one act play, and "Cabaret" - and delivered four reviews.
> "It was 48 hours of insanity," Welch told the SMC student
> newspaper, The Defender. "We had to try desperately to find computers
> and printers."
> Welch's review of "The Fifth of July" won her the top honors.
> The two judges - theatre professors from New England institutions, one
> of whom is also a theatre critic for a New England newspaper -
> critiqued all reviews. They told Welch she had "a clear voice coming
> through in her pieces."
> "It worked out rather well," said Welch, sports editor of The
> Defender, who had never expected to have a chance to do theatre
> reviews. Welch is a member of the Saint Michael's theatre improv
> group Rough Edges, which explores the world of improvisational theatre
> twice a week. "I love Rough Edges," she said. "It's my weekly stress
> relief." The players are working towards being able to do a herald,
> which is a half hour of continuous improv without breaks.
> Saint Michael's College, founded in 1904 by the Society of St.
> Edmund and headed by President Marc A. vanderHeyden, has been
> identified by U. S. News & World Report for 11 consecutive years as
> one of the top15 North Regional Universities in the nation. A
> Catholic, residential college, located in Colchester, Vermont, two
> miles from the state's largest city of Burlington, Saint Michael's has
> 1,900 full-time undergraduate students, and another 650 graduate
> students and 200 international students, studying part time. A highly
> respected, vibrant academic community, Saint Michael's College was
> named a "Best Buy" in Money Magazine's selection of "schools that
> deliver the highest quality education for the tuition they charge."
> -30-

heehee...i know it makes me sound vain, but know what? it feels good. :-)

Jmekell: you are a beautiful special angel and i love you more than love.
i love special k.
203 BABY!!!!!

today has been a "i shouldn't have woken up today" day.
grrrr of the big fucking variety.

c'est la vie.

Thursday, February 8

today would have been james dean's 70th birthday. it's weird, the way things tie in together sometimes.

Your distinct personality, The Benevolent Ruler might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. You are the idealistic social dreamer. Your overriding goal is to solve the people problems of your world. You are a social reformer who wants everyone to be happy in a world that you can visualize. You are exceptionally perceptive about the woes and needs of humankind. You often have the understanding and skill to readily conceive and implement the solutions to your perceptions. On the positive side, you are creatively persuasive, charismatic and ideologically concerned. On the negative side, you may be unrealistically sentimental, scattered and impulsive, as well as deviously manipulative. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.

social dreamer????

ohmigod. he updated the tour journal. i thought for sure he was never going to again.
i also think it's exceptionally cool of him and shawn to completely disregard my interview requests. know what? john is quickly catching up to him in the "who does vickie like the best?" competition. like this matters to either of them, but it matters to me, dammit. i think they're tied for first place right now. cause john was so kickass, and howie, by blatantly ignoring me and "my favorite show", has earned the right to suck on big hairy donkey balls.
our first radio show went well. remarkably well, considering i was scared to death of the equipment...but it was cool. a lot of fun, and it felt nice to have the power of playing whatever the hell i wanted to play.
plus since louns rules, he let me transfer the interview onto minidisk. so the interview (well, portions of it) went on the air. and i felt all sorts of special.
michelle gave me pictures from new year's eve, we look like sexy bitches. a couple random "hi, i'm a tool" shots, and the picture joe took of me and lars at ACTF. i look like a tool as well, but i'm rather partial to the photograph.

hi sound like a whining idiot. go look at mountains. my dear college president--you'd think he was royalty, the way he keeps referring to "the president" in the third person.
i am exceptionally excited. :-)

the best kinds of phone conversations are the amazingly long ones where you don't even realize how long you've been on the phone and you try relaying bits and pieces of it and they all tie so complexly into each other that you can't even describe it. like discussing who in history you would have liked to have met, followed up with bets over the national baseball league division championships. where you just feel so comfortable, you could say anything (like, say, mentioning the james dean story) and it's perfectly alright.
i've missed those kind of conversations. i haven't had one in eons. :-)

Wednesday, February 7

the john/glen experience is going into the defender for next week. :-)

john's favorite song at the moment is "say hello, wave goodbye"--the first david gray song i could listen to time after time after time...i told him i officially loved him after he said that.
i had two very emotional moments at the show. first was during john's set, when he was performing "not myself". i'd heard the song, i'd liked it alright, but when he explained at the beginning about the different kinds of friends there are--it hit me that the song described how i felt last semester. and michelle, who had helped me through so much of that, was right next to me, and i commented on the fact that i felt like the song was about me, and she said she'd been thinking the same thing. and she gave me a huge hug and said she's glad i'm back. :-)
second was during one of glen's songs. i won't get into it too much. but i felt like lexi was with us.
it truly was a wonderful night.
now i'm listening to david gray and smiling about john. :-)

oh, and we have our defender budget. long live the freedom of the press!!!!!

words cannot even begin to describe how cool this evening was.
i officially adore john mayer.
i love glen phillips (when he's playing--i hope he feels better soon)
i blew john a kiss.
he played some of "babylon" for me during soundcheck.
he played some of "love song for no one" for michelle during soundcheck.
we bonded over david gray.
i told him my incredibly embarrassing story about "victoria".
we got steve to sign our flyers. i'm a punk.
john signed my flyer as well. out of all the interviews (music or non-music) i've done, he was by far the one i felt most comfortable around right off.
i'll describe more later, but i must sleep now and begin to process it all.
what a kickass evening.
our first radio show will rock, thanks to john and glen.

Tuesday, February 6

i woke up for work today at 9:59. work at 10. oops.
i have to call steve today to confirm the glen phillips/john mayer interviews. i plan to call as soon as i get out of work. i'm interviewing them in approximately 6 hours.

Monday, February 5

i finally recieved my invitation to perhaps i'm missing something here, but...
furthermore, i have issues with the fact that, which seems to be speaking out against the ideas of corporate congolmerate society, offers this fabulous deal to its guests:
if you find advertising a commercial conglomerate as part of your personal identity depressing, or want a simple address for your wireless phone ...@ HELL.COM email addresses are once again available.
for a simple fee of $20.
alright, i can see if it's a domain name being sold. but for an email address? isn't this a bit hypocritical, or is it just me? i'd love to understand if i'm missing something here...

with more uplifting news...
Whereas students feel that the so-called "executive session" portion of the Board of Trustees' meetings has been used to keep information from the community and that executive priviledge has been abused...Whereas the students of Saint Michael's College are concerned about the leadership of this instituion. Therefore, be it resolved that a committee be established to investigate student confidence in the administration of President Marc A. vanderHayden, Chairman Peter Worrell, and any and all senior administrators under their charge.
what i would give to be able to be at that meeting tomorrow night. besides the fact that i'd like to vote to keep the defender budget...but regardless. it's going to be one interesting meeting. i can't wait to hear all the juicy details.

"Unfortunately, David's not going to be doing very much in the way of interviews/appearances on his U.S. tour, and we won't be able to set up for "My Favorite Show." Sounds like a neat program, though -- glad to see you're including John Mayer, I'm a fan of his myself.
Sorry, and thanks for your interest!"

motherfucking david gray.
well, ok, i still love him lots.
but i'd love him so much more if he'd come onto our damn show!
john mayer interview tomorrow.
glen phillips interview tomorrow.
my school is a hotbed of political scandal.
i love being a journalism girl right about now.
first paper comes out wednesday.
very excited me. :-)
but damn david gray.

pumpy says: the slut sanctuary is a wonderful place...(everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came...) :-P

pumpy rocks.

beccasmc: Because I am a sexy bitch, I am here listening to music with another sexy bitch... talk to all of you un-sexy bitches later!
i'm a sexy bitch too...i'm just doing work. why does only pumpy understand???

i got to let out all of my the tempest aggressions out in my medition to kirk tonight. it felt so nice. three, almost four years of pent up emotions about that damn play.

Sunday, February 4

alright. so i was in the defender lab for about 11 hours. my whole layout needs to be redone. i was in my scrubbiest clothing, and i didn't care. i worked worked worked forever and you know what?
i loved every minute of it.

timme is a tool.
steve is wonderful. i felt bad because i had to leave the party so soon. fucking defender.
lars is awesome.
and now, since i have to deal with defender around noon tomorrow, i sleep.