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Saturday, December 30

ah...having now recovered a bit...
i forgot to mention that i met the guy who played miguel on "passions" at the show. all i have to say is wow. he's even more gorgeous in person. and seemed really nice. and funny.
michelle and i arrived at 4 something, and we went into TJ's pub for dinner. pat mcgee band was getting dinner at the same time, but because i'd never seen them before, i had no idea it was them. sam, the child who is the poster child for pregaria, was also there. he's absolutely adorable, and the disease is tragic. so unfair.
anyway, so we eat, and then it's about 6, so we've got an hour to kill before the doors even open (howie's site said doors open at 6, so we got there way too early). waiting outside in december is normally torture. and we were the first ones there. there's dedication, i tell you...and shortly after, two other girls showed up. alicia and amy. we had a lot of fun talking outside as we waited, then we went inside and hung out with them for most of the concert. cool girls.
howie was really great, but i prefer his SMC shows more, believe it or not. he didn't talk a lot at this one...i don't know if it's that he's changed in a couple months or if it's the different setting, but it's definitely a contrast between the shows. but he performed amazingly well, and i've got to find the show on an FTP server.
vaco was wonderful, and i am a huge fan of pmb now. they were astounding.
yesterday, i had my fortune told at the tea room. my first tarot reading. it was really mad cool.
now i'm watching "center stage" again. i love this movie. it makes me almost wish i had any ballet ability. but never had, never will. c'est la vie.

Friday, December 29

almost five fucking hours of music.
howie. who i met (again). who smokes marlboro menthols. ???? to whom i did the most wretched doubletake when he made it up to the balcony area...oops.
oh, and i got to meet pat mcgee.
good fucking lord.
i'm in awe.
more later, when i recover.

Sunday, December 24

oh yeah, and only a few days til...
heeheehee. :-)

i'm packing up things, trying to finish wrapping things, and failing to maintain my sanity. eve.
going to massachusetts for the week, i'll be back on either new year's day or the day after.
have happy holidays, be safe, have fun.