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Thursday, March 8

WCAX was WRONG!!!! they said the guys would be playing UMASS-Lowell, whom they beat in the NE-10 semifinals. well, while they are meeting up with the riverhawks for the fourth time this season, they beat them in the CHAMPIONSHIP, thank you very much...
don't mind me, i get exceptionally sensitive when it comes to the guys right about now...they're my fellas. :-) well, they damn well seem it, i'm going to long island to see them play for christ's sake...
now i need to pack. it's funny how something that really shouldn't take so long does, simply because i put it off so much!!!!
now playing - late show with david letterman (a repeat. bah.)

trip tomorrow

i have a confession to make. i put on MTV to see if anything good was on. the 2gether movie was on. i watched it. and know what? the guy who played chad is adorable. noah bastian. and i don't care what you say, i will proudly say that i think he's the cutest thing in the world. SO THERE.

now playing - you've got to hide your love away, howie day and dispatch

i think i'll be workin here at user support this summer.
a summer of me learning the stuff i've wanted to learn from the start, and actually having TIME OFF!!!!
most cool.
and my month at the o'neil...
i think it will be a very cool summer.

Wednesday, March 7

in the spirit of the high fidelity viewing last night with ms. joey:
top 5 reasons i shouldn't be doing my work:
1. blogging is so much more important and life-fulfilling.
2. IM was made in order to help people procrastinate--i must not offend the IM inventors.
3. what if someone important was actually attempting to get in touch with me? (just speaking hypothetically, obviously)
4. if you can't get something done the night before it's due, it's not worth doing in the first place.
5. i just don't feel like doing it, dammit.

alright, i didn't feel like doing work, so i went to dean's site and played the interactive trivia game. 18 questions.
i research people too much. really. once i get to the "what were dean's favorite ice cream flavors?" and i can answer "coffee & raspberry" with authority, it's time for me to lay off the research.

it's been a long day. but rather good. tv news was cancelled, so i recieved a phone call at 8 a.m. with "hey vickie, it's john. roll over and go back to sleep. talk to you later!" for the record, i love those kind of phone calls.
other than that, what's happened? i recieved my information from ACTF--well, the first packet, that is. i had to write my bio for the playbill, which was stressful enough. i'm sorry, but it's not reassuring when you read: the bios are widely distributed and many professional talent scouts, potential employers, master-teachers and graduate professors who are participating in and attending the festival will read your bio. please make sure they are appropriate.
no pressure there! forget the damn reviews, i'll just freak over my bio! i was tempted to pay homage to phil and write "victoria is a junior journalism major at st. michael's college. she knows nothing except that orange juice tastes better when it comes from concentrate." or a shout out to louns with "victoria is happier than a gorilla in a banana factory to be at the kennedy center." but instead, i just added my own little "OH DAINTY DUCK!!!!" to the end. well, that's how it is now, i'm contemplating changing it to a special message that only michelle (and a few others who were at the days' inn that night and/or saw the video) would understand...hehehehe.
i do get to cover the guys' game in long island--i'll be going with shawnalea on friday--the S.A. and the president will be paying for us staying down there for two nights--if the cost is a little over, defender will pay for my part. two nights right outside nyc with a whirlpool and the guys' games to cover??? works for me, let me tell you...i'm happy that i'll be able to go...first off, it'll make my story better, second, i have loved being able to follow the playoffs. third, i'll get to cheer on todd, brian, and mark for at least another game. i cannot express how much i'll miss having them on the team.
if anyone actually reads this (does anyone?), tune in tomorrow to a very special edition of "my favorite show". it's sure to be quality. fine holiday fun.
final thoughts for the night--some people chain smoke, i chain chew gum. random thought, ponder it until i blog next. ;-)
now playing - satisfied mind, jeff buckley

Tuesday, March 6

i've been bored at work all morning, so i did a little hunting for fun stuff--i found stuff about tim and paul from ACTF! :-) dear mr. bagel--i miss those guys, no one else calls me howie...UMO is doing "cabaret"--hopefully better than suffolk's interpretation...but then again, as long as sally bowles doesn't fall off the stage, there's no way they CAN'T do a better job.

Monday, March 5

i feel bad, but i'm more than a little pissed at people. i understand that as sports editor, i've missed different things that i should really be covering. i mean, i know that there are sports that i haven't had a chance to cover yet. but i'm trying so hard. and i can't please paul, i can't please people, i can't please anyone. i'd like to see these people fit all of this shit into three pages each week. it's so much harder than people see...and i'm sorry that i'm giving so much attention to the basketball team, but know what? they're the best basketball team st. mike's has had in ages. possibly ever. and if i don't give them a lot of attention, i'm going to be getting people pissed off at me for that. so i do give them coverage and work on keeping my sanity, and know what? i get people pissed off at me because of it. plus the weekly stress of "hi, will i have a writer this week to cover a single story?" and the fact that i feel like rhonda has confidence in me, but that's about it in the higher ranks of the paper, and it leads to a PRETTY FUCKING STRESSED VICTORIA.
sometimes i love journalism, but other times, i really hate it.

i walked into class this afternoon for play prod. only heather, amanda, and i showed up. louns walks in, and i jokingly asked if we were going to get a class cancelled anytime soon--namely today. louns looks at us, and within three seconds, replies, "yep, sure thing. go home." we thought he was joking. hell, i was joking. but nope, he had other stuff to do, so we were free! i need to try that more often.
so i came home, put on tv and am currently enjoying an old SNL with steve buschemi. tv funhouse was the disney adaptation of titanic--tity. the lovable ship with the voice of jason alexander takes on the iceberg, voiced by whoopi goldberg. molly ringwald plays anne frank, who dances about the ship singing, "i'm going to write a diary some day!!!" hilarious. i enjoyed it immensely.

Sunday, March 4

the guys won the championship. i interviewed mark after the game (GOAL MET!!!!!).
it felt really good to be home - i mean, i always miss my folks and whatnot, but much as i do, it feels so good to be back.

watched "higher learning" over at grosso's with her and bec - i love that movie. tonight i found myself examining the way singleton set up the different characters contrasting against each other - namely the remmy/malik contrast and the fudge/character played by jon faveau. it's amazing the way he set it up to make it so clear how the characters have exactly the same feelings and intentions, only they're too clearly on the opposite side of the key issue for them to be able to see that their differences are their similarities.
i need to watch that movie more often.
now i sleep. planned dunkin's run in the morning (well, early afternoon)