The life and times of an American college student struggling to get by, meanwhile discovering the meaning of life and writing the great American novel. It's me, enough said.

Saturday, March 3

*cue mission impossible score*
victoria, your mission (and you'd better accept it) is to organize yourself, pack everything, clean the car, pack the car, and drive to fair haven to pick up parental units in approximately ninety minutes.
*cue m.i. score fade*
back to school, back to school, to prove to dad i'm not a fool...(sorry, gotta pay homage to mr. madison)

only problem is that i'm exhausted. that means someone (and i'm not naming names) will be fast asleep in the car on the trip to burlington. :-)

Friday, March 2

i go home tomorrow. well, back to school tomorrow. yeah, home. :-)
it's been fun being home, but i'm ready. hell, i was at school half the damn time anyway...

mark in.
i love journalism.
in all seriousness, the guys had me scared tonight with their bentley game, but somehow they pulled it off...amazing final eight minutes, really amazing ninety seconds. mark did well. brian did really well, todd made the winning basket.
and i saw mark in a towel.
basketball rules.

Thursday, March 1

joey: have a fun time at the game, yell that I love Mark Pater and Brian's bum!
smoothie: oh you'd better watch out. i will.
joey: "kentucky, can he fuck me?"
smoothie: pater, now or later?
joey: Mark, I'll even bang him in the dark!

when joey and i get together--evil things happen. well, evil for poor unforunate senior captains, but wonderfully enjoyable for us. :-)


Wednesday, February 28

fuck. ok, i have to wait 8 minutes. GRRRRRR

rabbit, rabbit.

obviously, i always feel bad when i hear about all the natural disaters on the west coast. i mean, natural human compassion, right? but i had my first taste of really worrying about the west coasters when i heard about the earthquake in seattle today on my way to work. i wrote rheannon and asked her to get in touch with me as soon as possible so i know she's ok, but until i hear, yeah, i'm worried. afterall, she's the smc transplanted cowgirl!!!!!
side note: howie was in seattle yesterday. from what i hear, he was at least 100 miles from the city when the quake hit, but if he'd been at, say, SMC, he wouldn't have been even close. i know it's a horrible thing to say, and i'm joking!!! don't hate me!


Congratulations on being selected as a regional finalist. I am the intern
with ACTF in DC--you'll be hearing from me a lot in the coming weeks and
during the festival.

I have not received your review from your regional chair. They may have
already sent it and its just en route. Could you email or send me a copy of
your critique as soon as possible? Thanks.

already did

You should be expecting a letter regarding the national festival in the next
two weeks or so. We just completed the final regional festival over the
weekend and are starting to make arrangements for the national festival. If
you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

Again, congratulations!

WHOO HOO!!!!!!! cannot wait for april.

whoa dude, blogger's different. almost messed with my head. almost.
work last night was tolerable...josh unexpectedly showed up in drive, then he came back a bit later with james, so i was happy. josh, in tradition, put me in the sink. james was a little bastard and sprayed me with the hose.
i really have to work on my character for the murder mystery. cara is going to suck if i don't give her some life!
finished the book...really good, and i recommend it--but it makes me want to talk to the clone. cause he looks like james dean, but he's a hell of a lot nicer. :-)

Tuesday, February 27

the guys won last night--woo woo! i'll be there in hand yet again.
bought "everyday" today--so far, verdicts is two thumbs up. different dave sound, but i really enjoy it.
bought my book. very interesting read--if i had been around back then and knew him, i would have hated him. but he's a fascinating study...

Roll uptown to midnight Then roll on downtown till its light Because tomorrow we may die Oh but tonight we're dancing in the fate light
Don't you rob yourself of what you're feeling Don't rob yourself of all that you could be Roll hard Ôtil midnight Roll Ôtil its light, come on now Stay up and make some memories here, with us now To roll red carpet out with friends To love and roll on Our love is so right
I won't waste a minute here tonight Our love is so right And tonight my dance is all about you To midnight love you Roll on and run the red lights Game now is keep it tight How I love her pretty rock and roll kisses Come on and stay with me Roll on and run the red lights
Come this love is so right Stay up and make some memories here, with us now To roll the red carpet out with friends To love and roll on Our love is so right I can taste we're in it here tonight Our love is so right And tonight my dance is all about you I'm going crazy and it's all cause of you It's all cause of you I'm going under over you This time now is so alive Everybody's trance dancing tonight So beautiful and so strange It was empty till you came

Monday, February 26

all of my ACTF stuff has been sent as of 9:07 a.m.
barring unforseen natural disaster or technical difficulty, my package will be at the kennedy center in two days, thus assuring me a place in washington d.c. in april.
i feel so much better now that it has been sent.

Sunday, February 25

wow! a pleasant surprise, just when i was about to give up on him. again.
my mom saw my excitement over soap opera digest this week (keep reading, i swear i can explain). jesse metcalfe was interviewed in it. among other things, he talks about new discoveries and says
A guy named Howie Day is a musician out of Maine, and I saw him perform at a club in Boston.
He was outstanding. He plays acoustic guitar and sings all original material. He's a cross between the Dave Matthews Band and Jeff Buckley. He's the man.
my mom bought me the digest because it would be a nice keepsake someday. she's so sweet.

i am going to buy myself a biography tomorrow--in my fine tradition of james'--first morrison, then cagney--i will be purchasing "jimmy dean on jimmy dean"--and no, not jimmy dean sausage man. :-)

what i would have gien to have been alive back when it was possible to see this in the flesh. talk about being able to own a it makes me think of the clone. :-)