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Saturday, January 6

there's been a lot of talk about reflecting on the year that's past, and i've realized that i haven't done my own sort of highlight reel. so i thought i'd give it a shot...
i joined up with the theatre department
picasso at the lapin agile
started challenging myself to try new things
learned a few lessons (dirty laundry)
the playhouse--the best of times, the worst of times.
grease (john gardiner), barefoot in the park (kenny, jen, jill), communicating doors, cirque
walking in the rain
a midsummer night's dream
i am god.
chris edwards, tony, ben parker, justin, phil
chats with louns and phil
growing up and growing apart
growing closer
new goals, new interests
the circle is complete
byebye tongue ring
howiedayhowiedayhowieday, vaco, and pmb at paradise
i wanna be a supermodel

odd year. flew by. but not half bad.

You only live twice or so it seems,
One life for yourself and one for your dreams.
You drift through the years and life seems tame,
Till one dream appears and love is its name.

And love is a stranger who'll beckon you on,
Don't think of the danger or the stranger is gone.

This dream is for you, so pay the price.
Make one dream come true, you only live twice.

And love is a stranger who'll beckon you on,
Don't think of the danger or the stranger is gone.
This dream is for you, so pay the price.
Make one dream come true, you only live twice.

i spent the ride home from work discussing ideas about the defender with my parents. some brilliant ideas were proposed for how to finally jumpstart the paper--give it a little life. i am very excited about the prospects, regardless of what section i get. i almost hope i don't get news now...the ideas for sports and features are so much more interesting.

one week til my return to school. i work every day until then. including today, which was supposed to be my day off. but i need money, for i am poor.
and i need to make one simple fucking phone call, but for some reason, i'm right back into the same way i was during high school--a wimp. what's up with that?
i'll call tomorrow. i swear.

must stop by casa rutherford wednesday. cannot forget.

howie day. house of blues harvard square. january 21. i think i just might be going. two howie shows in less than a month. previously unheard of.

oh, and if you're ever in the south central (hehehe) vermont region, listen to WEQX. 102.7. i have found my favorite dj ever. alex taylor rocks my post-teenage party world. he is blissfully on the mark about music.

OH! plus to add to the "what was i thinking" aspect of my of my exes was recently arrested for a DUI in rutland. the fact that he was driving was bad enough, but what did the dumbass do to get caught? oh, he hit The Bus. yeah, he's a bright one. i blame my lack of common sense on the fact that i was 15. i was foolish in my youth. ;-)

tonight was the shift from hell. good lord. imagine me getting in a near fight with a customer who had an odd french accent, and, as a result, we were getting all confused with his order. it was NOT the night to piss me off.
but i wound up in wash. so all was peachy at the end.
i ordered the aware 8 compilation. as a "thank you" for helping with his college essays, tom's buying me the david gray shirt. i go back to school in a week. i'm starting to get callouses on my fingers from guitar so i can play longer.

Wednesday, January 3

i want the new aware compilation...i want it i want it i want it...but i cannot justify to mum and dad why they should fork over the credit card again. especially since they're buying me stuff from david gray's site and the butterfly chair. so i need to come up with some extra money and then convince them to order the cd and i'll give them money.
i have to go back to work in 4.5 hours. after a week and a half off, this will be difficult.

Tuesday, January 2

alright, i'll give this another shot. i've returned. i loved the ocean while i was away, but i missed the mountains. it was good to have them back again, yet the lack of a boston skyline is going to hurt. i got spoiled.
it was fun to be away for i tend to reserve my breaks for simply making money and seeing cortni or josh...a whole week spent relaxing was previously unheard of. but i didn't do much of anything productive, i relaxed, hung out with michelle, and was immersed in music at paradise. that show, much as i know i will obsess about it in future postings so i don't need to say this now but will anyway, was one of the most astounding shows i've been to in ages. it beats live this past spring, so that's got to tell you something. i was simply amazed by the ability possessed by the artists, and the length pmb played while never dying down energy-wise. three hours...and they were just as into it at the end as they were when they started. the show is already circulating on ftp servers, so i'll be getting howie's off of chris' server and pmb off of scott's. the pmb will be funny, because shortly before "sympathy for the devil", when howie joined pmb on the stage, michelle and i screamed "YEAH HOWIE!" from our little perch above everything. i don't see how the tape couldn't have picked it up. we were pretty loud. plus the fact that the bands were chillin outside so we could meet them and get autographs...i was so psyched to have met pat mcgee, if only for an instant, and obviously i resorted to little preteen shyness around howie, something that completely pisses me off...but hey. i'll have to talk to him when he next comes to smc...even if he is a little odd. but i like odd, especially his variety.

GRRRR...i wrote a whole bunch and for whatever reason, it didn't publish.
it was deep, intellectual stuff too.

i'm back.
didja miss me?