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Saturday, January 13

HERID60A: you must be excit4ed!
HERID60A: john mayer is playing burlington, vt on 2/6!
magdalena281: hey there!!!! i know, i am really psyched!!!! michelle screamed when i told her. :-) and he'll be around you too, right?
HERID60A: yes!
HERID60A: two days in a damn row!

rock. :-)

fast internet connection, mp3s, my room...
it feels so good to be back.
and yeah, michelle freaked. "OHMIGOD!!!"

michelle is going to go nuts.
he'll be down the street from smc. i adore him now.

Friday, January 12

i just realized something.
i am going to swoon from happiness.
i love college.

i feel like i brought more home with me. granted, i'm taking a whole lot of random stuff back (um...hello? guitar, flute, camera, frames frames and more frames) but i still feel like i didn't bring home as much as normal. i think the fact that i made a mad dash out of there played a factor in this.
almost packed, doing the last load of laundry, then finding all the little random things i know i'll forget otherwise, then going to bed. it's been a long day. it's obvious that i'm getting ready to leave, because i'm pissing off the fam and the fam's pissing off me. and i'll miss them, but i cannot WAIT to be back in my room with my computer, my music (i have MISSED my mp3s), and my normal routine. this time tomorrow...
*happy sigh*

i survived mcdonald's.
i am free.
i go back tomorrow.
rock. rock. rock.
i need to pack.

Thursday, January 11

yippee...i got permission from the andrew boy to play static mind stuff on the radio his other band, harris. yay...and i'll be able to say i knew andrew when...riiiiight. i'll never be that cheesy. i hope. sincerely and passionately hope.
so tonight was basically the night from hell. royally sucked. i couldn't think, and i hated everyone. and stupid grill boy decided he'd do all my shit for me. i'm the only person on the planet who gets pissed off when people do my stuff. but i didn't want to feel incompetent, for god's sake, i've worked there for five years...i was just having a bad night and got no help from runner girl. grrrrr.
yeah, so i'm going to bed and then preparing for my last shift til at least february. yay...and then packing at some point...i hope.

i need to pack. and do laundry. and pack. i go home (you know what i mean) day after tomorrow. and i close tonight, work 10-5 tomorrow, and am supposed to check out a movie with james tomorrow night. i must pack. but i don't feel motivated...i'm used to packing at the last minute anyway...but i intend to be at school before noon on saturday. then get everything rearranged and cleaned and beautiful, then bid my parents farewell (for a week, because mikey is driving joey and myself to h.o.b.) then chill with joey and wait for joshua (dear sweet joshua) to stop by with my mike's.
having him in the burlington area could be really beneficial...except for the whole "i'm trying to be a policeman thing..." that could make his status as buyer somewhat tricky. ;-)
alright, time to try to pack. or procrastinate. probably the latter.

check out mtv...taking a stand against hate crimes, they've stopped airing "regularly scheduled programming".
a grey screen with black lettering, explaining the hate crimes that have occurred, with the text read in the background. the line being read is highlighted in white, sort of a "follow the bouncy ball" type of idea. it's kinda creepy in its own way, definitely unnerving. i'm impressed with them for the effort, it definitely takes balls to do this, and its effective. someone on buzzing said they stopped programming at 10 tonight and will do this until 3:30 p.m. tomorrow--well, as i write this, today.

predictably, the second shift went much better than the first. i worked with tami, which is always good, and she put me in my rightful closing location--wash. ah, blessed wash. i listened to music and was always bored because i was so far ahead. no better way to make know what i mean.
then went to josh'n'james'n'jeremiah's house. all three were there at one point or another. i always feel bad for james...he and i have a very nice relationship and i adore him to death, but i think he always feels that josh would come before him. and much as i love him to death, james and i just don't talk as much as josh and i do. fucked up as it has been in the past, i am very happy with the way things are with josh right of the few people i can tell just about anything to. even if the bastard does steal socks. ;-)
the buzzing people rule, i asked for names of bands to check out for the radio show and got a ton of responses. good people helping out a vickie...
so here i am, having returned from fair haven land, and i feel like i'm back as things were before (in only some respects, thank you). i can't believe this used to be my normal routine...close, hang around the boys, then come home and play on computer. day in, day out. and now? this is the only time i've even considered stopping by. yet i feel like i should have at least considered it felt good to be back with them. well, josh and james. jeremiah and i have never gotten along. c'est la vie.
i don't know, i think the long day is affecting my brain and making me reminisce (sp?) too much for my own good. i need to get back to school already. :-)

Wednesday, January 10

i am exceptionally excited. very good cd, my personal favorite is dispatch's live "open up". awesome song, i couldn't help but jump up and dance to it. this says a lot considering that i am currently dead tired thanks to shift one of my two today...
my rants about the dumb morning/lunch shift:
managers who decide they want to jump into drive to take care of the orders coming in because you apparently have too many although it's only the SECOND ORDER.
managers who are determined to find every little thing you do that's not perfect and throw it in your face, even though they make the same mistakes.
managers who come back with a criticism about you when you make a simple request of the manager getting your stuff for you (and a different manager than the one i'm bitching about)
MANAGERS WHO WILL NOT BACK OFF. i feel better. i think i was just a little stressed and tired today, so andrea really rubbed me the wrong way. but she'll be gone at 5, when i go back.
and i have good music to listen to.
and i'm making money. :-) always good.
alright, now i go sort my pictures, so i can show josh the "poor pathetic vickie" shots when i stop by his house tonight. i'll have to post these on the site, they're classics. :-)

oh, i need advice...keeping in mind that these concerts are 3 1/2 hours away, should i consider attending: coldplay at paradise on the 15th of february, rockwell church the 17th (or is it the other way around? mute point) or john mayer on the 5th? or just not go to any? i need advice people, this is crucial...

it's beautiful outside...the snow is coming down steadily and because it's snowing and there's cloud cover, it's warm enough for me to want to play outside. but driving home in the stuff (can we say whiteout?) was an adventure, to say the least. i'm especially freaked about snow because of the lexi issue, so i was going as slow as humanly possible. for me, this is hard to do (i feel the need...the need for speed...) so now i sit here, fully aware that no one else would be outside at this hour to see me act like a jackass as i make show angels and otherwise frolic in the winterwonderland around me...but also realizing that it is going to be difficult as it is to wake up at 6 something to drive thomas into school tomorrow morning, not to mention the fact that i'm working a split shift tomorrow that is going to royally suck (10-2, then 5-cl), and if i don't get wash, people will die.
my brother is officially wonderful. he scored me a copy of EQXclusives Volume 2. i'd wanted it, i'd craved it, but i was never home to get a copy of it when it was available (they gave it away with a food donation, it was a promotional thing), and i thought i'd missed out on it forever...but tom pulled it out of his backpack last night and said he'd gotten it from a friend of his for me. i squealed with delight (quite literally, my mother was a bit frightened) before running upstairs to listen...travis, t.e.b., eels, counting crows, matthew sweet, elliot smith, moby, and other fun bits of joy for me to listen to. it is delectable and pleasing to my audio palate. :-)
got the first "this is life in ireland" message from collin tonight...i wish i'd studied abroad. i know there's no way i could have, but i wish i had anyway. so i'm living vicariously through him. i told him to drink a guiness for me--like that'll be hard for him to do. i miss him already, i can't imagine what the semester will be like without him. plus it's always wonderful to get email--hint hint...

Tuesday, January 9

the show is going to sell out. packed house will be fun. hot and crowded, but fun. i will bring my camera.
finally realizing how soon i'll be back at school...excited, but also not...thanksgiving break and this break have been two of the best i've had since going to school...while it had its strong points, last semester was one of the worst i've had. well, not worst. not bad even. just different and kinda frightening because of how different it was. so i'm not ready to leave the cozy little nest here.
eh, fuck it. i know i'm dying to get back to school. i just don't want to deal with bullshit once i get there. so what do i do? immerse myself in my work and the people i want to be around. and the guitar. :-) it will be fun.

Monday, January 8

I AM SO INSANELY TIRED. 10-7 shifts are the worst, because you're there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. plus the fact that i had to wake up to drive tom in to school at 7 did not help.
but i'm home now, a lot more tired, and with the sensation of my back wanting to rip itself out of my body (i think i pulled something or i'm just too ridiculously tense for words), but with my pictures (thank you kmart people). they were worth the wait...i particularly love my photo of me and phil and the charlie's angels picture with michelle and jen. now i just need to get my halloween photos developed...
so tired.

so i won the howie tickets...i'd be excited, but i have this nasty feeling that i was the only one who entered. but maybe i'm wrong. afterall, i have won tickets to things in the past...and it means it's that much easier for me to see howie. granted, i could have just tried to get on the rep list (a priviledge i have a feeling i'll never be using since howie's free at smc), but this way was much more exciting and now i have two tickets instead of one. so now michelle gets in free too.
only a couple of weeks.
now i go crazy at work and run after people with flaming fry baskets.

finally saw cortni today--it's about time our schedules lined up (but i can't bitch, because it's mostly my fault. ok, it's totally my fault.) we went to applebee's for dinner (it's becoming a tradition) it was good to see her. :-)
for someone who whines about the lack of money in her possession, i sure don't have a problem with buying cds. i was just thinking about it, and over break, i bought: coldplay parachutes (buy it), white ladder (buy it, worship it), the aware 8 compilation (i want it to get here already), and virginia coalition (love them live, the cd is stuck in massachusetts at the moment). oops.
"please forgive me" was on download tonight. i adore alex taylor. i want to lay him down to make sweet love by the fire (read: he's got great shows)
i need to have a radio show already.
in a few hours, i find out if i won the howie tickets. that would make life so much easier.
in a few hours, i have to drive tom to school and then work a nine hour shift. damn you ronald mcdonald.
i should sleep. yet i feel insomnia coming on.
dammit, i need to get back to school already.
oh, and i'll call tomorrow. yes, i'm a wimp. shut up already.

Sunday, January 7

i finally bought white ladder today. about time, i say...i wasn't even going to spend the money (due more to the fact that i have very little of it as is than the fact that i have most of the songs in mp3 format), but kmart pissed me off. all i want are my pictures back, but "due to the holidays, there's a delay." how long, i asked nicely. "we have no idea." ???? will i get the damn things before summer? i should have one houred them. i knew it. but i didn't. grrrr.
howie at HOB looks like even more of a reality.
there's a silver lining to everything.

david gray note: i prefer "babylon II" to the radio track. but both songs are amazing, obviously.