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Saturday, February 17

i got back ben's hat last night--there's something about the sensation of wearing a "guy hat". i've had countless hats in my day, but the best ones are the ones that are--were--guy's. i just feel adorable wearing a guy hat.
working on my review for ACTF--it'll be sent out monday, i hope.
first official improv performace today. cub scouts. if they make me do pokemon, i'll cry. ;-)

Friday, February 16

alright, i meant to go to bed early last night...but coyote ugly was on and i was talking with becca and one thing led to no sleep til late for me. so now i'm exhausted. but it's all good.
lars left me a message asking if i had dreams of being a stripper--since everytime he's tried talking to me i've had an away message up about coyote ugly. well, let's put it this way: if all i had to do was go to new york to get paid lots of money to dance on a bar, i snagged a gorgerous guy with an australian accent, and all my dreams came true, i'd do it in a heartbeat. ;-)
othello presentation today. defender shit to do. lots of shit to do. it's going to be a very long weekend. improv performance, defender, and oh yeah, attempts at relaxation. the relaxing part won't happen. c'est la vie.

Thursday, February 15

my mother told me i have a sexy radio voice. should i be worried? ;-)
i feel like shit--lack of sleep catching up with me.
back-to-back whose line is it anyway helped.
i'm working on defender shit before i collapse.

damn girl, i can never seem to reach u at the right time...
the understatement of the year.
i currently live in a monochrome existance.

YAHOO!!!! i got my first notification of complaints about my column in the defender. ROCK!!!!!!

this is a first. well, a first in some time. i was up until god knows when last night, yet i'm fine today. yippee!!!!
radio show #2 today--i just convinced dave to listen to the radio show because he was up all last night stressing over work. so hopefully, in theory, we'll have dave listening for a bit, chris listening for a bit, denelle and colin listening, and others. we almost have a loyal audience. only a matter of time before we take over the radio world.

I'm falling by the wayside I'm sinking with the sun everything I do is wrong wrong wrong gazing at the billboards staring down the broken lines sleeping on the backseat I could not believe you were right up there beside me tugging at my sleeve and putting up your lipstick just like you did a thousand times and something in your eyes that makes me smile oh yeah something in your eyes that makes me smile oh yeah I wake up in the darkness its more than I can stand I’m reaching out to touch it it breaks up in my hand I’ve never known the headlights to shine so cold I’m waiting for the morning to steal over the hills I’m urging for the road to speed these wheels I’m watching for the sunrise turning all the teardrops gold cause something in your eyes that makes me smile oh yeah something in your eyes that makes me smile oh yeah and something in your eyes that makes me smile oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

i love random conversations. of the standing outside in the cold for eons and then you have to move inside because you don't want to stop said random conversation. denelle and colin are A-OK in my book.
way to impress vickie for the day: if you have seen "the quiet man" (clue for those who are clueless with film titles--john wayne in ireland. lots of drunk irishmen) if so, let me know and you'll rule my twenty-something party world.

i enjoyed watching "waiting to exhale".
i do not enjoy being in the mood i am in right now, but i will sleep. and when i wake up, i will be in a different frame of mind, and with a new outlook, i will approach my situation and make the fucking best of it. enjoy it even.
so there.

Wednesday, February 14

i don't know why i get so excited about valentine's day every year.
i know i never manage to time things properly so i actually have a valentine. i always manage to find off months for relationships.
i only get depressed, and i only get bitchy. so why do i even bother?
and the sad thing here is that all i want in the world right now is for a certain someone to get online and see that i'm around and think to himself, "self, what do i want to do right now? i know, i want to call vickie and say hello and talk to her for hours."
but then i realize that that's the last thing in the world i want, because random things are supposed to be random and i can't think about this stupid shit because it's not going to get me anywhere and it's only going to leave me pissed off.
oh wait, i already am.
now i'm going to finish watching the west wing and put together stuff for my radio show.

happy valentine's day, meine damen und herren...
yeah. i'm dressing up today in honor of the occassion. red and black--the two key vday colors.

Tuesday, February 13

ok, now i'm going to sleep. i mean it this time.
- playing: van morrison--domino

well that was easy. i sound like i know what i'm talking about even. :-)
20 minutes til valentine's day. you know, it would be nice, just once, to have a reason to celebrate. so i can see what all the fuss is about. but then that would have required buying something and doing something, and that requires money, which i don't have, so maybe it's a good thing. ;-)
i get a valentine and money from mom and dad tomorrow, enough reason for me to celebrate. ;-)
now i sleep. class at 8:40 tomorrow's going to blow. and i can't skip (again).

johnny never showed up for his editing session.
now i study othello.
oh, and in case you haven't seen--new layout for guppies! click refresh on each window--personalweb's dumb and won't do it automatically. but it's pretty!!!!

badass mamajahamba! all i want is for the fucking defender to be done already.
fucking michael for being anal abot a picture he'll never see.
fucking higher ground for not allowing flash photography.
fucking john for being article worthy.

i survived week 2 of the defender--barely.
this is what happens when you try getting pictures taken when you're used to your glasses and you're feeling nasty and gross. ew...not exactly a pretty vickie, but whatev.
i need to sleep for approximately 48 hours straight. then i'll feel like i'm back on my feet.
well, only a week and a half til break--maybe then? nope, working.
who needs sleep anyway?

Sunday, February 11

i will have john mayer pictures back tomorrow morning so as to get one into the defender.
i am exhausted.
it was an odd weekend.
but it was a fun dance. in its own twisted sort of way. will discuss more later.
i am at defender.
i am exhausted.
my section looks good.
i am exhausted.
i am getting back to work.
i'll go home in about an hour.
then i'll do work.
then i'll sleep.
i am exhausted.