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Saturday, February 3

i think i just might survive this weekend with the defender. just might.
went to see the basketball boys play today. good game. michelle and i drooled over mark half the time. what will i do next year without being able to see him on the court?
fun conversations, fun times, and fun times to come as the evening progresses. :-)

all rude comments about howie are erased. the show at the pickelbarrel is now 18+. ROCK ON. hd and pmb? i'm so there.

Friday, February 2

peter wants baz, kev, and i to work at the playhouse another season.
i'll definitely be at the shows, but somehow...well, i'd be gone for a month, and i know that won't be cool with them. plus journalism internship...
plus my sanity...

we have a radio show. and even a time on the air to do the radio show!
"my favorite show" will be on the air on WWPV thursday afternoons from 2-4 p.m.
and i just submitted the written request to see if d.g. could let us interview him. and since it's a thursday that he's performing, maybe he'll even get into the studio. granted, i won't be there to witness this event...but just knowing, and knowing that my best friend got to interview him...words cannot describe how cool that would be.
it definitely makes me cheerier after an exceptionally disheartening session on improv today...i think we all saw a lot of things today that we had tried to brush aside. and now those things are in our faces, and we can't hide from them anymore.
what will happen? stay tuned to find out...

oh yeah. and i have to submit a written request to david gray's publicist for an interview. i can't believe i'm even able to do so...could it possibly be that "my favorite show" could score a david gray interview????

i am easily annoyed today.
for instance, i am annoyed to have a sore throat, groggy head, and tired body. i do not like the prospects of becoming sick.
for instance, i am annoyed by stupid people who do not know how to complete the most rudimentary of tasks on their computers. i do not appreciate having stupid people walk into user support and for me to have to strain my throat, move around my groggy head, and try to ignore the complaints from my groggy body as i try to help them. (normally, this doesn't bother me nearly as much)
for instance, i am annoyed when people do things that will shake up the school (or at least some aspect of it), yet they have the audacity to say, "I am flattered that you feel that I would be newsworthy, but I would prefer not to have the Defender do a story on me." Thus putting me up shit creek.
for instance, i am annoyed when writers who know the procedure of submitting stories fail to submit a digital copy of their work, so i have to modify the only file of the story i have on disk.
for instance, i am annoyed when i look at my day and see no end in sight.
for instance, i am annoyed when my weekend looks dreary and filled with deadlines.
for instance, i am annoyed when i am nothing but annoyed.

but i'm wearing my hair in lil pigtails braids and wearing my "hi, i look like a lil kid in a grownup body" outfit in efforts to force me out of my "i hate you all" mood. and i'm drinking lots of orange juice and taking vitamins to kill these nasty germs. so we'll see.

Thursday, February 1

k. so i have the number for ATO records--david gray's label. i'm wondering if i should call and try to see if there's any way under the sun that i could arrange for an interview with DG--phone, in person--anything. i mean, what's the worst that can happen, right? they say no. oh well, fuck them, i tried.
but what happens if they say yes? i didn't think john mayer would, afterall...and how cool would it be to say that i interviewed DAVID GRAY????
i think i'm going to wind up calling new york this afternoon...
we'd better get a radio show. otherwise, we're going to have some problems. ;-)

i was interviewed last night for the whole ACTF thing. it was a very odd experience, being on the opposite end of the interview session. i mean, i'm used to being the one to come up with good questions, not the one who has to come up with the witty answers...

oh wow.

Wednesday, January 31

fuck it, i'm tired and it's been a crazy day. i'm sleeping.

yes, i think i've scared howie day away from the burlington area. he'll be at the pickelbarrel with pmb on the 11th, but it's 21+. and then he goes all over the place--except burlington. fucker.
yet i'm trying to score an interview with him too. from what i've heard lately, as well as the fact that i'm bitter that he's avoiding burlington, i think this interview will be harder to score than my dear john mayer and glen phillips.
bad howie.

on february 6, michelle and i will be interviewing john mayer and glen phillips.
nothing more needs be said.

Tuesday, January 30

it begins. i'm in the defender lab, already starting to freak over all the random shit i have to do. how the hell am i supposed to get this all done while maintaining any portion of my sanity? this could be back.
i need to be back at unh!!!!!

What's amazing is when you can feel your life going somewhere. Your life just figured out how to get good. Like, that second.
- my so-called life

random little things that turn one's life about in circles, and then, finally, perhaps points oneself in the right direction.
just thinking, don't mind the slight incoherency.

i want to try to find some of the scenes and monologues i saw at unh. i've been looking for "the perfect party"--can't find it anywhere on campus. grrr. i really want to read that one. and i have to find "fat men in short skirts", because i thought that was an awesome monologue.
i need to find this stuff.

there's nothing worse than being at work here and having nothing to do. i think the phones ringing off the hook and everyone going crazy is better than having nothing to do.
c'est la vie.
guess i'll finally finish up my review so i can send it to kirk.

In one of the stars I shall be living.
In one of them I shall be laughing.
And so it will be as if all the stars
were laughing when you look at the sky at night.
~The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery~

josh: i may have to kill you


fstop says if my site karma gets high enough, i could get my own email on alright people, i'm talking about a fucking write-in campaign. get me my frygrl email, people! and you should check out the site anyway, i finally stumbled accross it tonight, and i was exceptionally impressed. rock on fstop. :-)

Monday, January 29

so yeah. david gray is performing in burlington on april 26.
david gray is performing down the street from me on april 26.
i have been waiting for david gray tourdates forever already.
i am willing to go anywhere to see david gray.
david gray will be in burlington on the 26th.
i start competition for ACTF on april 25.
i will be in washington d.c. on april 26.
david gray will be in burlington on april 26.
this is my life.
but i might get to see him in virginia. a david gray concert will happen for me during this tour.
but come on. burlington???? too cruel.
speaking of...i need to buy john mayer tickets.
at least i'll see him in burlington...

ok, sleep schedule is officially OFF.
i am so fucking tired.

Sunday, January 28

never have i been so excited about the concept of sleep. i feel like i could be unconscious for a whole week.
but instead, i'll try getting my 7.5 hours. :):):):):)

so yeah, now i'm trying to return to the general swing of things, but i'm finding it remarkably odd. any transition is odd, particularly when it's a five day thing that's just over and done with. add to that the fact that i had no sleep last night and i'm not completely coherent and you get interesting vickie ramblings.
the atmosphere about actf made it such a unique experience. never have i been able to enter a new environment with new people and feel so comfortable and at peace with myself. i felt really good about myself this past week, for which i am very grateful. everyone accepts everyone else for how they are, and that's it. pure and simple.
i was sitting in my hotel room last night. amanda and tim were talking, joe and adam were doing something, laura was smoking in the corner, and i was reclining against the headboard talking with lars. and i looked up at the ceiling and realized that i was in utter contentment. completely at peace and content with life. it was a nice feeling. :-)

alright, so i'm home. i did not sleep a wink last night because i was being's amazing what things can entertain people when they're fucked up and exhausted...
i won the critics' workshop, so in april, i will be going to the kennedy center in washington d.c. to compete in the nationals. good fucking lord...i'm thrilled and scared shitless all at once, but more excited than anything else.
lars is awesome.
i love hottubs.

do you know what screwed up infomercials are on at 4 a.m.? "the turning of the meat---it's so theraputic..."--dear dear tim boy.